Dinosaur Assassin 6.5.0 APK


Description :  Now with Compound Bow / Crossbow Pistol (Explosive Arrows). Parachute / Bottle / Treasure Chest XP / Pick bonuses and more animals. Gameplay EXPANSION / game tweaks.

An old assassin is hired to explore a huge mysterious Jurassic island to the countries dinosaurs, Ice Age and Safari animals hunted in an epic battle between you as the hunter and you as a murder. You are this assassin who happens to have a gun a motorbike / jeep / a horseback killing out dangerous dinosaurs in this exciting persecution, it can get exciting more!

Gun / Compound Bow / Crossbow Pistol (Explosive Arrows) / Gun.
Near Mines / gas cartridges.

Motorcycle, boat, jeep Powerzoom gun.
Horse that is your trusted friend.
Mirror Portal – use teleport out of danger.
Zip Line Quick Escape.

TRex, Spinosuarus, Raptors, Triceratops, Velociraptors, Euoplocephalus, Pterodactyl, Dilophosaurus, Parasaurolohus. Brontosaurus, Sarcosuchus, saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, dire wolf, short put bears, woolly rhinoceros, Megaloceros, Scarabs, elephant, lion, giraffe, rhino, lion, reedbuck, Flamingo, Maki, Bee, Zebra, crocodile, wildebeest opposite.

hiking Huge open 3D environment / explore.
Day / Night / rain.
Nighttime scary action – night vision goggles.
Build Campfire & collecting firewood.

Bone Collection Additional XP bonus.
Treasure Chest / Parachute – collectibles.
Fuel / Gun / First aid kit / Explosive Arrows collectibles.
Tutorial / premiums / Unlimited Unlimited.
Map / Radar / Tracker.

FPS Free Roam epic action simulation / simulator.
HD console quality graphics and game.
Stunning Deep Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds.
Full 3D – 360 degree action.

In-game language translations: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian.

This game offers in-app purchases immediately Animals / Weapons / Unlock Items, all these can by collecting our in-game currency Sunga’s which are unlocked by playing and progress through the game.!

Dinosaur Assassin 6.5.0 APK
Dinosaur Assassin 6.5.0 APK

App Title:  Dinosaur Assassin 6..5.0
File Name:  Dinosaur Assassin 6..5.0 .APK
Version:  6..5.0
File Size:  56.7 MB
Supported Android Version: Gingerbread (2.3–2.3.7)- Honeycomb (3.0–3.2.6)- Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4)- Jelly Bean(4.1–4.3.1)- KitKat (4.4–4.4.4)- Lollipop (5.0–5.0.2) or (6.0)- Marshmallow
Released Date:  May 03 2016
Author:  CDS
Play.Google Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.movingames.dinosaurassassinfree

Dinosaur Assassin 6.5.0 APK
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